2017 Summit Posters

These posters were presented at the 2017 Summit on Excellence in WASH, exploring how WASH programs can be designed for maximum impact.

Bringing Safe Water to Conflict-Affected Communities Through Low-Cost Technologies in Mayendit, South Sudan
Presented by: Wondimagegn Sine, Janet S. Ausel, John Akudago, Samaritan’s Purse

Beautifully Designed by God: Menstrual Hygiene Program in Iraq
Presented by: Megan McKinley and Janet Ausel, Samaritan’s Purse

Assessing Willingness to Pay Using CVM
Presented by: Jason Brooks Sr., ADRA

LifeTap: The Design and Development of an Improved Self-Closing Valve
Presented by: Jordan McDonnell, Abraham Wright, Thom Haubert, Design Outreach

Affordable Solutions to Pit Latrine Collapse
Presented by: Rachel Aukamp, Adam Barley, Isaac Underhill, Cheylee Smith, Eric Denlinger, Castine Donoff , Bismark Norgbe, Tesfa Yacob, The Collaboratory at Messiah College   

High-Capacity Solar Pumping in Refugee Camps
Presented by:  Jared Hostetler, Water Mission

Monitoring for Failure: Closing the Gap in Program Problem Identification and Solution
Presented by:  Pamela Crane-Hoover, Lifewater

Restore Survey: Developing a Routine Evaluation of Sustainability and Transformation for Wash Programs
Presented by: Kristen Check, Allen Ressor, Water Mission

Village Water Systems: Empowering Communities with Sustainable Water Treatment
Presented by: Daniel Ma and Ted Sindabizera Ntwari, The Collaboratory at Messiah College



2016 Summit Posters

These posters were presented at the 2016 Summit on Excellence in WASH, exploring various aspects of partnerships in WASH.

Church Water User Committees (CWUC)
Presented by: Robinson Masongo & Phinehas Nkanatha, Samaritan’s Purse 

AWD Outbreak Management Through Local Churches in Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan
Presented by: Yonathan Samuel Qama & Janet S. Ausel, Samaritan’s Purse 

Performance and Community Acceptance of the LifePump: Results from a Multi-Country Pilot
Presented by:  Abe Wright, Design Outreach  David Vader, Tony Beers, The Collaboratory at Messiah College  Oliver Wright, World Vision

Ecuadorian Spring Protection Innovations
Presented by: Bruce Rydbeck, Life Giving Water International

Rebar-Fabric Latrine Liner for Areas with Non-Cohesive Soil
Presented by: Kenton Grossnickle Adam Pozun, Sydney Schandel, Duane Troyer, COnnor McGovern, Gavin Stobie, Anthony Beers, Brian Swartz, David Vader Tesfayohanes Yacob, The Collaboratory at Messiah CollegeWorld Vision

A Novel Solution to Decrease Open Defecation in an Urban Slum in Belén, Peru
Presented by: Avromi Kanal & Johanna Daily, Yale

Pour Flush and Low Flush Technologies in South Africa
Presented by: Jeanette Neethling, Partners in Development

How to Have a Sustainable Measurable Spiritual Impact in a WASH Project
Presented by: Renew Outreach

Partnering of Local Governing Non-Government Units to Achieve Proper Sanitation
Presented by: Katelyn Holmberg, John Akudago, Janet Auesel and Paul Mungai, Samaritan’s Purse 

Laboratory Study of Nitrification and Denitrification in the BioSand Filter
Presented by: Clint Taylor, Sam Denmark, and Timothy Kennedy, Abilene Christian University 

VWOS - Village Water Ozonation System
Presented by: Lizzy Chang, Ted Sindabizera, Daniel Ma, Michelle Lockwood, McKenize Murray, Janae Hoffman, and Abigail Hing , The Collaboratory at Messiah College

2015 Summit Posters

These posters were presented at the 2015 Summit on Excellence in WASH, exploring various aspects of "The Lasting Benefits of WASH".

thePUMP : The Program Update + Management Platform
Presented by: Josue Mpayamaguru, Andrew M. Armstrong and Ryan R. Reif, WaterMission

Integrated Handpump Monitoring and Maintenance for Lasting Impact
Presented by: Jon Allen, Water for Good

UpPump Remote Monitoring
Presented by:  Stephen Huber & Josh Crawford, UpPump

A Decade of BioSand Filters in Vietnam
Presented by: Ha H. Vu & Janet S. Ausel, Samaritan’s Purse

Smart Solar Purifier with Built-In Tracking of Usage
Presented by: Charlie Matlack, Tyler Davis, Randy Strash, PotaVida

A Study on the Long-Term Performance of the Sawyer PointONE™ Filter in the Developing World
Presented by: Erik Lindquist, Thomas Soerens, Lawrence Mylin, Holly Ross, Andrew Nevin, Daniel Yeisley,  The Collaboratory at Messiah College 

Planning for Water Quality Monitoring
Presented by: Lael Kucera and Sarah Young, Living Water International

2014 Summit Posters

These posters were presented at the 2014 Summit on Excellence in WASH, exploring various aspects of the Principles of Excellence in WASH.

Financial Sustainability
Presented by: Andrew Armstrong, Water Missions International 

Sustainable WASH in Somalia
Expanding access for all into conflict zones

Presented by: Erin Boettcher, Arc Solutions 

Nurturing Local Ownership in Haiti
Presented by: Deborah Go, Samaritan’s Purse 

Hundred Pumps Project
Presented by: Tom Jones, Greg Bixler, & Abe Wright, Design Outreach 

Promoting Inclusive Community Ownership: WASH & Disability Workshops
Presented by: N. Kamban, T. Beers, A. Hare, R. Norman, & T. Soerens, The Collaboratory at Messiah College 

Seeking Mutual Benefit: A story of how a Christian college, NGO, and business collaborated with a community in Bolivia to significantly reduce childhood diarrhea
Presented by: Erik D. Lindquist, Karen J. Neiswender de Calani, W. Ray Norman, & Thomas P. Davis Jr., The Collaboratory at Messiah College 

Congregational Partnership in Integral
Mission and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Presented by: Monty Lynn & Abigail Hunt, Abilene Christian University 

Salt & Light: Mobilizing Churches as WASH Champions in Zimbabwe
Presented by: Victor Madziakapita & Jonathan Wiles, Living Water International